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I believe true representation relies on independence in decision making. 

This is why I do not accept any financial donations from developers, unions, political parties or individuals. 

I have always personally funded my election campaigns to ensure I can represent all residents equally. 

I receive zero donations so I can remain uncompromised for you and remain in the room to vote for you.


All candidates’ donations are available to view on the ECQ website.


PUBLIC NOTICE: As a participant in a Queensland Local Government election, I am required to give a disclosure return to the Electoral Commission of Queensland (ECQ) if I receive a gift or loan valued at $500 (cumulative) or more. Within 7 business days of receipt, or within 24 hours if received within 7 business days before election day, all gifts or loans are to be reported to the ECQ. All disclosures are available for public viewing as required by the Local Government Electoral Act 2011.

Please visit if you require further information about my obligations as an electoral participant.

Ted in suit with army medals


  • Born March 1964, Nambour General Hospital

  • Attended Woombye State Primary School and              Nambour State High School

  • Married with 3 children, 1 grandchild

  • 20 years Justice of Peace (Qualified)

  • Diploma Local Government (Elected Officials)

  • Graduate Australian Institute Company Directors

  • 18 years Employee, Maroochy Shire Council

  • 2004 - 2008 Councillor, Maroochy Shire Council 

  • 2008 - 2012 Councillor, Sunshine Coast Regional Council  

  • 2012 - 2020 Councillor, Sunshine Coast Council

  • 2020 - 2024 Councillor, Sunshine Coast Council

  • Awarded 18 years Certificate of Service to Local        Government and the State of Queensland

  • 5 years Active Reserve, Royal Australian Air Force  

  • 16 years Instructor, Australian Air Force Cadets  

  • 23 years Active Reserve, Australian Army

  • Awarded Best Soldier 1993 Alpha Company 9th             Battalion Royal Queensland Regiment 


I do not support increasing building density or heights on the Sunshine Coast.    The Sunshine Coast needs controlled growth with sustainable development and preservation of green spaces.    I know this is achieved, by strongly advocating on your behalf at planning meetings and voting against development applications that are contrary to the Town Plan.    I believe that through strong controls in the Town Plan we can protect our rural, residential and urban environments.  ​ Let's keep our Sunshine Coast the family-friendly, lifestyle coast.

Ted Hungerford


If you're interested in how I voted for our community, the Sunshine Coast Council website has videos and minutes of statutory meetings.


I have always voted to support my local community as our community comes first, every time, when I vote in Council Chambers.

Blue Heart Initiative 2022 - SCN article


The 5,000 hectare project is committed to sustainable and adaptive floodplain management in the Maroochy River catchment. The Maroochy floodplains will be returned to natural estuarine systems from its former uses as cane farms and other rural activities. 

Green Flag Award for Buderim Village Park


Ted has been working on the Buderim Village Park since asking for the community's park design ideas back in 2010. Now in 2023, the amazing work undertaken by Council's dedicated staff has been recognised on the world stage.

Ted voted to keep dogs at Point Cartwright


With an online petition and 1718 submissions voiced concern over new animal management requirements at Point Cartwright Reserve.

1239 respondents strongly disagreed or disagreed with the proposed changes.


Ted voted with the community to protect the community and dog walkers access in this area.

Twice the issue has been voted on and twice Ted has voted with the community to preserve access for all to the Point Cartwright Reserve.

Division 7 Budget 2023-2024 - Council Website


Division 7 2023–24 Budget highlights include:

  • Stringybark Road new pedestrian and cyclist bridge, Sippy Downs  – $2,310,000

  • Maroochy Multi Sports Lighting, Maroochydore  (total cost $900,000 over two years) –                                $650,000

  • Maroochy Multi-Sports Development Plan, Maroochydore*  – $297,000

  • Martins Creek Road Stormwater Rehab, Buderim  – $320,000

  • Ballinger Sports Complex upgrade internal roads and parking, Buderim  – $250,000

  • Maroochydore Junior Rugby League - Sports Field Lighting, Buderim  – $225,000

  • Main Street Off Road Carparking, Buderim  – $220,000

  • Buderim Palmwoods Heritage Trail - Drainage Renewal, Mons  – $350,000

Waving Man honoured with signs at his roundabout


Ted consulted with the "Waving Man's" family and the community to commemorate Peter Van Beek, who for the last decade has waved to all the school children and commuters to start and finish their day with a smile. This roundabout dedication is a tribute to him and a wonderful reflection of the Sunshine Coast’s and Buderim’s welcoming community spirit.

Buderim school parking solution since 2016


Since 2016, Ted drafted plans for a drop-off and pick-up zone to improve the traffic flow and safety for the kids of Buderim Mountain State School. Ted has consistently urged the State Education Department to work with Council to create a better solution for the community.

Ted's Newsletters

TED'S NEWS #32 - 2024

Environment reserve land increases to 526 hectares in Division 7

Ted News-32-Environment reserve 526 hectares
Preserve natural environment
Sunshine Coast new planning scheme is now at step 4
International accreditation for Buderim Village Park

TED'S NEWS #31 - 2023

1 billion budget includes 327 million for Division 7

4050ha purchased for Environment Reserve

TED'S NEWS #30 - 2023

Climate Action - saving tonnes of CO2

Climate action not empty prmises
Playground completed at Buderim Village Park
Ted earns LGAQ 18 years of service certificate

TED'S NEWS #29 - 2022

Sunshine Coast Biosphere recognised by UNESCO

UNESCO awards Sunshine Coast Bioshpere status
Sage St Boardwalk Tom Rickard Park
Sound financial management

TED'S NEWS #28 - 2022

Pay rise donated to charity since July 2021

As promised Ted's pay rise is donated to charity
Eric Joseph Foote War Memorial Sanctuary
Council's award-wining development.i

TED'S NEWS #27 - 2021

I did not support accepting the pay rise in 2021

Ted did not support accepting pay rise in this challenging time
Milne Park continues, Lindsay road widening
$9 million budget secured for Division 7
Sound financial management

TED'S NEWS #26 - 2021

Ted leads fight against paid parking on our streets

Ted leads the fight for NO paid parking on our streets
Footpath Buderim School, Bradman Av Toilet, Bradman Av Boat Ramp, Maroochy multi-sports complex
Electric vehicle fast charger plugs-in at Forest Glen
Qld Audit Office issues unmodified audit opinion

TED'S NEWS #25 - 2020 

Ted's website launched 2020

TED'S NEWS #24 - 2020

Ted is first to earn Diploma of Local Government (Elected Member)

TED'S NEWS #23 - 2020

Buderim's new disability compliant toilets, Lindsay Road

TED'S NEWS #22 - 2019

Halfway point reached for Sunshine Coast international airport